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On this page, we will attempt to answer some of the most frequently asked questions regarding or services, technologies, policies and delivery methods. Please feel free to submit any questions.

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Can you assist us in preparing a computer generated digital presentation?


Yes, we can acquire digital images, create graphics, obtain or scan aerial photographs and prepare your Power Point presentation to your specifications. We have over 25 years of experience in preparing and delivering graphic presentations for corporate and public clients. Please see our Presentations page for additional details.


Can you furnish a projector and notebook PC for our presentation?


Yes, we have notebook PCs with both Windows XP and Vista operating systems along with an InFocus X3 DLP digital projector. We can assist you in the rehearsal for your presentation and supply the equipment for the actual presentation.

Q. Based on your experience in civil and transportation engineering can you assist us in determining the type of photography we need for a court or legal exhibit?

Yes, I have over 35 years of professional engineering experience in the private sector and ten years experience with the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans). Our experience in the private sector has been in the fields of civil engineering, land surveying, transportation engineering, mapping, geospatial and geographic information management, construction engineering, and project management. During this period, I have delivered successful projects on a global basis. I can provide Curriculum Vitaé upon request. In addition, I have authored numerous technical and quality assurance articles and reports including a report prepared for the United States Congress.

Q. Can you create an Internet web site gallery of our images?

Yes, we can prepare a web page with gallery continuing your images and related information. We can post this to your domain or we can post it to our hosting service and I will provide you with a link to the site. This is very effective means for your and your clients to view your images.


Where are your primary service regions?


We are located in Southwestern Riverside County, California. The regions we consider primary are Imperial, Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, and Ventura counties. Through our secure FTP site we can transfer files from anywhere in the world where we have access to the Internet. Our clients are given a secure folder within the site where they can view and download their images at anytime.


Can you assist in preparing and presenting courtroom exhibits?


Yes, for over 35 years we have been involved in preparing and presenting both hard copy (mounted foam core boards) and digital (computer/LCD projection) presentation for attorneys, selection panels, corporate boards, governmental agencies, and municipal authorities. We can obtain the imaging. process the files, make enlargements, create slides for Power Point presentations, attend rehearsal sessions and assist in making the presentation to the court.


What benefit can you bring to your forensic photography due to your experience in civil engineering and construction?


We believe that our knowledge and experience in civil engineering and construction allows us to see issues that those without this knowledge and experience are not trained to see. It also helps to see what is important and where the critical focus of the assignment should be.

Q On your Corporate Headshot page, you state that you will travel to our office to take the photos. How far will you travel without adding additional travel charges
  Our studio is located in Menifee, California, which is in southwestern Riverside County. Our normal travel radius is 100 miles from our studio. For distances over 100 miles we have to charge additional travel time in increments of 1 hour for each 100 mile increment. This will be charged at $70.00 per hour. In addition, due to today’s rising fuel cost we will have to charge for mileage at $.50 per mile.
Q How many headshots can you take in one hour?
  If everyone is prepared and ready to go we can average 4 headshots in a one hour session
Q Will I own the digital images from your headshots?

Yes, we will have co-ownership of the copyrights. That means that I can use the images on my Web site as examples of my work and you can use the images in any manner you please.


Will you furnish color or black and white prints with your headshots?

  We will furnish one 5x7 color print with each headshot. All other prints can be ordered from us based on our headshot price list

Why do you charge 30% extra for black and white prints?

  In order to make a black and white print from a digital image additional image processing is requited in Photoshop in order to obtain a good B/W print. We shoot all of our images in Nikon RAW. This allows us to manipulate the image without affecting the original digital file

Will you furnish black and white digital images?


Yes with each headshot you select you will get four files. Two files will be high-resolution (300 DPI) images in both color and black and white. Two files will be lower resolution (72DPI) images suitable for web publishing and E-Mail. These lower resolution images will also be color and B/W.

Q What type of portable lighting will you use?
  For single headshot setups, we will use a mobile wireless strobe setup. We will use 3-4 Nikon SB800 flash units controlled by a Nikon SU-800 commander on-camera unit. To soften the light we use a combination of soft boxes and umbrellas
Q How large are your portable backdrops and what colors can you provide?
  Our portable, collapsible backdrops measure 6 feet tall by 5 feet wide and hang on a collapsible, adjustable stand. They are easy to transport and fold down to one third their full size. The colors we currently offer are medium dark blue, medium blue, light blue, a rich mocha color, black and white. All of the backgrounds, with the exception of the solid black and pure white, have a painted pattern. With lighting, we can make the pure white background photograph as a neutral gray. We show color swatches of the backgrounds on our Headshot price list. We recommend a medium or light blue background. These colors are the most flattering and will transform nicely to B/W. They are also good for Web publishing.
Q What is your turn-around time for the delivery of the images?
  Our normal turn-around time is one week. This is dependent on the number of headshots and the time it takes for the client to review and approve their selections on the personal Web page we will create for them.
Q You mention that you will create a personal Web page for your headshot clients. How does this work?

Once we have processed your selected digital images we will create an Adobe Flash Web page that will be hosted on our Web site. We will send you a link for this private Web page where you can view the selected images and send us any comments you might have regarding the cropping or retouching. Once you send us an E-Mail approving the images we will process your order and send you a CD or DVD with the digital files and the 5x7 color prints.

Q How do we pay for these headshots?
  We require a 50% deposit prior to taking the photos and the remainder upon approval of the selected images. This balance must be paid prior to us sending you the final files and prints.
Q What types of payment will you take?

We accept checks, money orders and PayPal. If you decide to pay via PayPal we will send you instructions via an E-Mail

Q Do we need to come to your studio for family or pet portraits?

No, we have a complete wireless mobile lighting system along with various portable backgrounds. We can come to your home, place of business, park, beach or other places of your choosing. Please see our Services Page for more details on our portrait services.

Q Do you provide hard copy proofs of your portrait or headshot sessions?

We do not provide hard copy proofs of our portrait or headshot sessions. Instead of hard copy proofs we post all of the images from your portrait   or headshot session of your own private gallery on our Web site where you can inspect them at your leisure or share them with friends and family. You can select the images you would like prints of and e-mail the file numbers and print sizes you wish and we will deliver these to you via USPS. In some cases clients want al of the images from their portrait session delivered on a CD or DVD. We can accommodate this method per your request at the time of the photo shoot.

Q What services do you offer for wedding of special event photography?

For our wedding and special event services we offer a very low cost basic service. We normally will come to your wedding or special event, such as a special anniversary party or holiday event, and shoot many high resolution digital images. We will shoot both candid and posed photos and then process all of the useable images and transfer them to a CD or DVD. We will deliver the images to you and you can use them as you wish or contact us to have high quality prints or photo albums made of the images you select. We will also post all of the images to your own private gallery on our Web site for 60 days where you can share the images with family and friends or send us the file numbers of the images you wish printed and the size of the prints based on our standard price list.

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Q. What type of equipment do you use?

For our photographic work we use Nikon digital single lens reflex (SLR) cameras of 10 megapixels or greater. We use Nikkor lenses ranging from 12 mm to 300mm. Our desktop and notebook PCs use either Windows XP or Vista operating systems we have an InFocus DLP digital projector with a XGA resolution of 1024x768 pixels and 1700 ANSI lumens. For side and negative scanning we use a Nikon Super CoolScan 5000ED with a capability of scanning at 4000 pixels per inch. For print scanning we use an Epson Perfection 4490 rated at 2400 dpi.

Q. What software do you use?

For our photo processing work, we use Adobe Photoshop CS3 and Adobe Lightroom. For web site development, we use adobe Dreamweaver CS3. In addition all of our PCs are equipped with Microsoft Office Professional, Visio, Nikon Capture NX, Nikon Camera Control Pro (for shooting tethered to a PC), and Adobe Acrobat Standard. For video processing and editing, we use Pinnacle Studio 10 Plus and Adobe Premier Elements 4.0.

Q. What size prints can you make from digital files?

From a 10-megapixel file, we can make prints up to 50x40 inches with no loss in quality or sharpness. To accomplish this we use the Genuine Fractals 5 plug-in with Photoshop.

Q. How accurate is the position you acquire using the integrated GPS with your camera?

In absolute positioning (Autonomous GPS) without differential corrections (DGPS) we can achieve a position of ±15 meters (49 feet) with WAAS enabled. This accuracy is stated by Garmin with a RMS of 95%.

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What is you pricing structure for scanning?


Please see the price list referred to in the various service pages. For scanning, we have a sliding scale flat rate per number and type of item, i.e. 35mm slide, 35mm negative or print. There are extra charges for slide and negative cleaning and image processing during the scanning. Please contact us for a quote based on your needs.


What is your pricing structure for processing, forensic, legal, court exhibits, commercial, conventions, presentations, and other assignment type of photography?


These services are considered assignment based and are priced on an hourly plus expenses basis. As a member of the Professional Photographers of America (PPA) we will negotiate and use a formal contract for all of these services.

Q. How do you accept payment?

Currently we do not accept credit cards, but do accept payment through PayPal and checks. Full payment for scanning services will be made prior to beginning the work on your order. However, we will scan several of your items as a sample of our work prior to your order. Once you send us your slides, negative or prints we will not begin work on your order until we receive payment in full. For Photography or processing on an assignment basis, we will negotiate a contract and then require fifty percent prior to beginning any work and the remainder upon delivery of your project.

Q. What do you charge for a Fine Art Poster?

Our normal charge for a finished 20x30 inch Fine Art Poster in a standard black poster frame is $200.00 plus shipping and handling. Prior to printing and framing the poster, we will send you a digital file for your review and approval. As these files are quite large, the file will be sent on a CD. Fifty percent (50%) of the payment will be made prior to starting the processing and the remainder will be paid upon approval of the digital file. Larger posters will be priced based on the additional costs for the printing.

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Q. What are your turn around times for delivery of prints and digital files?

Our normal turn around time for the delivery of processed digital files and normal sized prints (A3+, 13x19 or smaller) is 5 to 7 days. For prints larger than 13x19, we use several outside printing services. The delivery of these prints can take up to 10 days from the time we submit the order. We can expedite the delivery for a negotiated surcharge.

Q. What is your normal mode of delivery?

For prints and DVDs we use a delivery service such as UPS or FedEx. We can use the client’s UPS or FedEx account number if he/she so wishes. Otherwise we will charge for delivery based on the delivery services’ rates. In special cases, we can use a courier service. For small digital files (smaller than 5mb we can send them via E-Mail. We also have a FTP site that is available for downloading of digital files via an internet connection.

Q. What types of files and media can you deliver?

We can deliver digital files on CDs, DVDs, or Double Layered DVDs depending on the size and amount of the digital media. We can make prints up to 13x19 in house on our Canon i9900 wide format printer. The prints can be made on matte, semi-gloss, or glossy paper. For prints larger than 13x19 inches, we use an outside service bureau.

Q What size prints can you deliver?

We can make prints up 13x19 in house. For larger prints up to 40x50 inches, we use an outside service bureau. These prints can be mounted on poster board or foam core, depending on the needs of the client. Please allow at least 10 days from delivery from the time the order is placed. If the client has an account with a reputable reproduction company, we can send the digital file to them and they can supply the prints. We will only charge for he preparation of the files and the shipping of the CD or DVD. If the reproduction company has a FTP site, we will only charge for the preparation of the files and the time to upload them to the FTP site.

Q. What types of files can you deliver?

We can deliver digital images in JPG, TIFF, DGN (Adobe Digital Negative), PSD (Adobe Photoshop layered file), Camera RAW (Nikon NEF), GIF, PNG, ESP, and Adobe PDF. All of our digital images are acquired in both JPG and Nikon NEF (Camera RAW). We use the JPG only for quick viewing and draft purposes. All of our processing is carried out with the Camera RAW file in a non-destructive manner. All of the EXIF metadata, including any GPS locations, are preserved throughout the workflow process.

Q. Can you supply video?

Yes, we can deliver high definition (1080i) video clips on DVDs. The video can be either raw or edited. There is an hourly charge for all video acquisition and editing.

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