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Are you having a wedding or an upcoming special event such as a 25th or 50th wedding anniversary, special party or reception, a First Communion, Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah? If you are, we can provide you with quality photography at a very reasonable cost.


For our wedding and special event services we offer a budget priced service. We will come to your wedding or special event, such as a wedding, special anniversary party or holiday event, and shoot as many high resolution digital images in the time specified in the contract. We will shoot both candid and posed photos and then process all of the useable images and transfer them to a CD or DVD. For our posed portrait type shots we will use multiple diffused speedlights and provide a black or white background for these shots if desired.


We will deliver the images to you and you can use them as you wish or contact us to have high quality prints or photo albums made of the images you select. We will also post all of the images to your own private gallery on our Web site for 60 days where you can share the images with family and friends around the world or send us the file numbers of the images you wish printed and the size of the prints based on our Standard Price List.

Fred Henstridge Photography will provide this service on an hourly basis at $100.00 per hour. A typical wedding usually takes about five hours of shooting time. This covers the entire wedding from the bride’s home preparations or arrival at the wedding location to the cutting of the cake and bouquet toss. We will provide the client with two CDs or DVD containing all of the images we shot at the wedding. These are the client’s images and they may use them as they wish. We will also post a gallery of all images to our Web site so they can select any images they wish prints made or share with friends and relatives around the world at no additional cost.

To introduce this service Fred Henstridge Photography is offering a 40% discount through June 30, 2009. This discount applies to all location shooting and slide show preparation and is valid from the date the order for our services is placed. It does not apply to prints or items ordered from our Standard Price List. For more information please contact us at fhenstridge@henstridgephotography.com or via phone at 951-679-3530.


Please note that this service is only available within a 50 mile radius from our studio located in Menifee, California. For locations outside of that radius travel time at $20.00 per hour and mileage $0.50 per mile is charged.


For other services please visit our Services Web Page by clicking here.  For a Gallery of wedding images please click here.

The client may order prints based on our standard pricing along with any other items such as albums, canvas wraps, statuettes, etc. shown on our Standard Price List. They do not have to order anything if they do not wish to do so. We can also create a 15-20 minute DVD slide show using the images we shot. We can also include some of the client’s provided images if they wish. These might include photos of Grandma or Grandpa on their wedding day or of the Bride or Groom as babies or children. A straight 15-20 minute slide show would cost $150 and if music is added it would be $200.00. We can provide the music based on the client’s preference or the client can provide the music via their CDs or MP3 files. This is great way to preserve your memories of the wedding or event for future generations.

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