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A headshot is a photograph used to by people to make their portfolios, brochures, corporate reports and web sites more human. This does not mean that the image is just of the head. Trends go in and out on that one. However, the point is to have a clear image of the person, showing him or her in the most flattering way.


How to Hire the Right Photographer

It's actually quite simple to choose. The most important thing is that you are comfortable with the photographer. You want someone with experience. You want someone you get along with and will be able to freely communicate with. You want to be able to trust them based on their experience and the care that they put into knowing what you are looking for. This will be based on of their ability to communicate with you. You can tell by the conversation you have and by looking at their work or website.


The Power of Editing

People who have been around headshots and photography in general begin to develop an eye for a photograph and the power in editing. It's a trained thing. For a new comer looking at their proof sheet or disc it can be hard to see the diamonds without the cropping and retouching, Editing is a beautiful thing.


Corporate Headshots, Business, Employee and Executive Portraits. Corporate and Public Relations Photography

Corporate Headshots can be done at your office, business conference room or in our studio in Menifee, California. When we shoot on location, we bring complete studio lighting and collapsible backgrounds, and set up a temporary studio in your office or hotel conference room. The backgrounds measure 5 feet wide by 6 feet high and are mounted on a collapsible stand. They will accommodate and upper body shot of 1-3 persons. Our backgrounds include: The Chromo-Green backdrop can be used to create custom backgrounds in Photoshop editing.

Preparing for your Corporate Headshots Photo Shoot

Send out a notice to all employees who will be photographed a week in advance and another notice a day

in advance. This will allow them to get haircuts, dry clean suits, and make other grooming preparations.

Employees should avoid large or busy patterns in their clothing, solid colors are best. As white shirts are

easy to overexpose, lose definition and cause halation, it is best to wear pastel colored shirts.


Corporate headshot photography requires more than just excellent lighting skills and technical and

artistic ability with a camera. The photographer has to be able to work with people from CEOs and company presidents to technical and administrative staff and make them all enjoy the experience of being photographed.

Lastolite Chroma-Green

Westcott Rich Mocha

Lastolite Maine

Lastolite Florida

Black with Reverse Side of White