Sitting Fee

You choose the location. Would you enjoy one of area’s sunny beaches, local parks or your own wonderful backyard? No problem! Want a studio portrait? Not a problem. our home or yours. Wherever you want us, the price is the same. $100 for a single family sitting or starting at $150 for large group/family.


All of our custom prints are printed on high-quality archival Kodak or Ilford Professional photographic papers in either Glossy or Lustre-E surface. We recommend the Lustre-E for portraits. Luster paper has a very fine surface grain that softly reflects the light and shows a beautiful color and sharpness for portraits. For standard prints you can use our printing services at


Picture Packages at $20.00 Each

The picture package is the most economical means for ordering multiple prints. Each Picture Package must contain the same image. Picture Packages are delivered neat trimmed. Wallet and smaller sizes are delivered trimmed in sets of 2. Sizes and image quantities are:


8 images @ 3½x2½ (wallet size) inches each

2 images @ 5x7 inches each

1 images @ 5x7 inches each and 4 images @ 2½x3½ inches each

1 image @ 5x7 inches and 4 images @ 2x2½ inches each


Individual Custom Prints

All prints are “Borderless” prints printed on high-quality archival Kodak Professional photographic papers in either Glossy or Lustre-E surface. All prints are custom processed in Photoshop and soft proofed prior to printing so that they will match the profile of the printer being used albeit our in-house printers or an out-sourced printing service for the larger posted-sized prints. Each print is checked for color balance, sharpness and overall quality prior to delivery to the client.


DVD Photomontage

Your photos rendered on a DVD to music you provide.

Price: $145.00 for a 10 minute video with 120 images at 5 seconds each. The price includes scanning of slides, negatives or prints along with basic color correction. You furnish the music. Contact us at for additional details and options. You may also find additional information on our Web site.

$15.00 for extra copies


Photo Books

An exquisitely designed 10”x10” 20 page hard bound photo book.

Price: $80.00 -  Additional pages are available at $2.00 per page
Ask for the $30.00 discount when you buy a second album.


Custom Fine Art Posters

Fine Art Posters are printed on Lustre-E surface and come with a virtual mat for neat framing. No additional matting is required. Pricing shown is for images from our catalog of high resolution digital images. Add 35% for your provided high resolution image. Images must be sharp and greater than 2400x3600 pixels per inch (ppi). If you have a favorite 35mm negative or slide we can scan it for and additional $20.00 on our high resolution Nikon film scanner. Your provided images will be processed in Adobe Photoshop.

Custom Gallery Wrapped Canvas

The image is printed on premier art canvas substrate and wrapped around a 1½-inch wooden stretch. Gallery Wraps arrive as a finished product that comes ready for hanging in a home, gallery, museum, or office. Canvases are treated with a UV inhibiting coat that protects the canvas from fading and should last for 100 years.

Prices shown are for unframed posters. Custom framing is available on request. Please specify the color and style.


Specialty items

Calendars - Mugs - Ornaments - Bags—Calendars—Wall Clings—Playing Cards—Statuettes: Ask for pricing and options. For more information please see our printing services at Zenfolio where you can select one of your photos.


What ever you want?

We didn’t think of everything. Do you have something in mind? We can make it happen.


You can obtain a Adobe PDF file of this price list by Clicking Here


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For additional information please contact us at Fred Henstridge Photography


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All prints are “Borderless” prints printed on high-quality archival Kodak Professional photographic papers in either Glossy or Lustre-E surface.


Add 30% for Endura Metallic pearlescent surface. This paper uses a patented combination of film and laminate layers that result in striking, three-dimensional, lasting images on an ultra-bright background. They are great for landscapes and graphics, but not recommended for portraits.


Add 30% for True B&W Paper (Matte Finish).  This panchromatic, resin-coated paper is specifically designed for making continuous-tone B&W prints directly from digital images in digital exposing systems.


Add $12.00 for shipping and handling. Prints will be sleeved and shipped in flat boxes via USPS Priority mail.

Non-Standard and Larger sizes up to 36x48 inches are available by special order.


For non custom Gallery Wraps please use our printing service at Zenfolio.

Image Processing

In some cases the client will wish to order their prints from our Zenfolio site, but the images will need special processing such as formatting, upsizing and conversion to black and white. For this service we charge a rate of $30.00 per images with a 30% surcharge for conversion to a pure black and white image with tonal corrections.


Scanning Services

We offer custom high resolution scanning of 35mm slides, 35mm or APS negatives and prints. For slide and negative scanning, we use a Nikon Super Cool Scan 5000ED precision scanner. During the scanning process we can enhance and restore color, color balance, sharpen, remove dust and blemishes, and color correct for white balance. We recommend scanning at resolutions of 300 to 400 ppi. For print scanning we use an Epson Perfection 4490 Photo Scanner. All scanned prints are color corrected and sharpened. In some cases old or faded prints will need to be image processed in Photoshop. For this special processing a fee of $10.00 per scanned print will be charged. All scanned images are returned on a CD or DVD disc. Our rates for scanning are:











All 35mm slides and negatives are inspected and cleaned prior to scanning

Custom 4x6:

$6.00 each


$10.00 each


$15.00 each


$20.00 each


$20.00 each


$35.00 each


$45,00 each


$60.00 each


$75.00 each

11x14 with 8x10 image:


16x20 with 11x14 image:


20x24 with 16x20 image:


20x30 with 18x26 image:


24x36 with 20x32 image:














35mm Slides and Negatives

1-100 Images:

101-200 Images:

Over 200 Images:

$0.40 each

$0.35 each

$0.30 each


1-100 Prints:

101-200 Prints:

Over 200 Prints:

$0.50 each

$0.45 each

$0.40 each