Examples of Project Photography
Static and BPSI Project Photography

Example of a static photo showing the use of reclaimed water for a residential housing development and golf course.

A surveyor using GPS for a survey project in North Carolina. A BPSI photo showing a rural background and a surveyor monitoring the GPS receiver. The subject is the use of GPS for a survey project and the surveyor is involved with the project.

A BPSI photo showing the involvement of two surveyors on a pipe line project along an existing right of way.

The construction layout of a major freeway interchange. The surveyors are definitely involved with the interchange shown as the background.

Another form of project photography is the photomontage. We developed this montage for a land planning client and it shows the results of their efforts. This type of photomontage can be used effectively for office art.

Stitched panoramas can show expansive projects and make spectacular office art. This panorama shows an artificial lake created for a planned residential community in Southern California. Click Here to Zoom.


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