Commercial Photography

Photography for Your Properties, Buildings, Construction Sites, Office Interiors, or Corporate Headshots.

Do you need photos of your properties, buildings, construction sites, office interiors or corporate Headshots? We can provide the photography for your construction documentation, corporate advertising, corporate reports, brochures, press releases, or web sites.

We consider Commercial Photography as photos and images used by a commercial enterprise or firm. Commercial photography may consist of photos of you corporate headquarters, you properties and real estate, office interiors, special equipment, construction projects and headshots of new staff members. The general uses for these photos are:

  • Your Web Sites
  • Press Releases
  • Corporate Reports
  • Corporate Headshots
  • Advertising Brochures
  • Project Profiles
  • Proposals
  • Marketing Materials
  • Staff and Executive Resumes
  • Announcements of Promotions
  • Investment Portfolios
  • Annual Reports
  • Site Development

A headshot is generally considered a photo showing a person from the chest up and is taken against a mottled or marbled background. The background should be of a neutral color that will not detract from for the persons face. The lighting should be broad or short depending on the facial features and contours of the subject. In many ways, this should be considered as a mini portrait.

In many case the photographer will require you staff members or executives to come to their studios for these headshots. This can cause a serious drain of the productive time of the staff member and cause a scheduling problem. I some cases as much a half a day can be spent to get these photos when you consider the drive time in congested urban areas.

We will come to your office to take these photos. We have portable strobes, light boxes, umbrellas and backdrops and we can set up in a conference room or other designates area to take the pictures. We generally shot the digital photos tethered to a notebook PC so we can instantly review the images and allow your marketing people or others involved in the process to select the final images on the spot. Once the client’s photo editor has selected the images with the pose and lighting they like we will process the images to remove any blemishes or hot spots. For one or two headshots, we can perform this processing on site and deliver a CD with the images. For more than one or two images, we can generally have the final processed images in the hands of the client’s photo editor within 48 hours.  

If we need to process the images in our studio, we will upload them to our FTP site where your photo editor can download quickly and efficiently. We will also furnish a CD or DVD with the final images.

Something to consider is the photo documentation of construction projects such as homes and office sites. Client’s find it very beneficial to have a photo record of the construction they are paying for. One or two years after the construction is completed it can be very difficult to remember what is behind the walls and where it is. We can make periodic visits to your construction or building site and photograph your contractor’s progress and the materials they are using. This provides an excellent record of what was done and where it is. We have provided a few examples of construction documentation of this page.

Please feel free to contact us with your requirements and schedule and we will provide you with a price quote and date for the photo shot.

Examples of Construction Documentation

Preparing the foundation

Framing and roofing

Framing with vents and grading

HVAC, waterlines and lighting fixtures

The stucco covering

Interior drywall

We can build and post a web page or slide show of your construction or building project. For additional information please see our Presentations Page.


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