CONVENTIONS & Special Events

Fred Henstridge Photography can provide photography for Conventions, Trade Shows, Corporate Events, Public Relations, Banquets, Receptions, Presentations, and other special events.

During or after your last appearance at a trade show or special event did you ever ask?

  • Did we get any photos for our internal publications or annual report?
  • What about some great images for our marketing folks?
  • Do we need photographs for our reception
  • Did we get photos of our special guests?
  • How about giving our special guests a photo for a memento of their visit
  • If we hired a celebrity did we get good photos of him/her
  • Did we get photos of our guest speaker or celebrity guest with members of the firm?
  • Did we have dailies for the trade show or convention newsletter?
  • Can we have an instant slide show for our breakfast meeting?
  • How will we memorialize the event for our corporate memory?

If your answer to any of these questions is no you should hiring a professional photographer for your next trade show or event. A great many elements must come together for a trade show or special event to succeed.  Event managers need to choose the best suppliers and talent – and stay within budget! They need to make travel and living arrangements. They need to develop schedules and make sure their invited special guests will be there. While photography is not a major element on the overall planning and management of the event, it is certainly an accepted necessity.  Many forms and organizations retain the services of professionals to make their travel, hotel and banquet arrangements. The services of a professional photographer are often overlooked!

Fred Henstridge Photography has over 20 years of experience as both a user and provider of event photography. We believe we have an “eye” for what users and buyers of event photography need and want. Guests, celebrity speakers, and corporate executives should be photographed with care paying attention to elements as though the photographer were making a portrait. When taking candid shots the photographer should be conscious of the lighting and backgrounds. Harsh on-camera straight-on open flash does not present people very well. The photographer must be aware of the uses for these images. Your guests or corporate executives do not want to see themselves looking badly in a corporate publication or a slide show on your web site.

Almost anyone can take a photo with today’s quality point and shoot digital cameras. Taking the photo, however, is only a part of the process. The workflow for event photography includes.

  • Acquiring the image
  • Review and processing the image
  • Correcting color balance and flaws
  • Cropping and captioning
  • Making on-site CDs or DVDs for the client and backup
  • Uploading all images to our FTP site
  • Preparing a slide show for client presentation
  • Making prints as requested

We will always review our images and make any corrections prior to delivery or printing! You do not need or want amateurish images for your corporate scrapbook or web site.
From slide shows during breakfast of yesterday's photos, to on-site prints for your special guests, the images from your event will become a part of your corporate memory and add to the message you want to send. We will work with your entire team to get images into the hands of people who want and need them. We will assist any press covering your event to make sure they have photos for their deadlines. We will ensure your web team has today's images. No one works harder to get your message heard and your story told.

Our clients have unlimited use of the photos we capture for them. We retain a joint copyright. This permits you to use the images many different times for cross-promotional reasons. This provides an added benefit to our services. Many other photographers charge extra each time you want to utilize an image. In some cases, you might prefer traditional prints. We can provide a full range of sizes and papers to fit your needs.  If you are concerned over the quality and longevity of a print made from a digital image, don’t be. You will never see a difference between our digital prints and traditional chemically processed photographs. We use the highest quality printing paper, that with proper care can last 100 years. On-site printing of custom photographs is available along with other delivery methods.

Our clients have full rights to the images they purchase for their editorial and record photography use. They fill their convention dailies, magazine articles, web postings, and corporate brochures with our images showing the success of their special events. Our clients freely send our digital images by E-Mail to the trade press and others as they please. We will never ask for additional fees for E-Mail usage, copyrights, additional publication usage, etc

You and your staff have better things to do than to lead a photographer by the hand!  You only need to provide us your schedule and outline of what, where, and when you need coverage. We can give you the desired results. Please feel free to contact us so that we may provide you with a quote for the creative and professional photography that is sure to meet your needs.  We look forward to your response.


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