A headshot is a photograph used to by people to make their portfolios, brochures, corporate reports and web sites more human. This does not mean that the image is just of the head. Trends go in and out on that one. However, the point is to have a clear image of the person, showing him or her in the most flattering way. Corporate Headshots can be done at your office, business conference or at our studio in Menifee, California. When we shoot on location, we bring complete studio lighting and collapsible backgrounds, and set up a temporary studio in your office or hotel conference room.

How to hire the right photographer
It's actually quite simple to choose. The most important thing is that you are comfortable with the photographer. You want someone with experience. You want someone you get along with and will be able to freely communicate with. You want to be able to trust them based on their experience and the care that they put into knowing what you are looking for. This will be based on of their ability to communicate with you. You can tell by the conversation you have and by looking at their work or website.

As the photographer, I will be a co-owner with you. In that way I can use your pictures for my purposes such as marketing, websites, promotion, etc. But you will get a copy of the disc with all usable shots on it. The bottom line is that you should not be held hostage to pay repeatedly for shots that you already paid for! That will NOT happen with me. The discs of High Resolution pictures are yours to do with as you please.


We come to your location (saving you time and money), set up in less then one hour. Each headshot (portrait) session takes about 15 minutes to obtain one or two useable images. As we shoot tethered to a notebook PC the person being photographed or the person responsible for selecting the images will be able to immediately review the images and select the ones they like. The photographer will need a large open area to set up lights and background. A minimum of 9 feet wide and 15 feet long, with ceilings at least 8 feet high will provide the best result. These sessions are perfect for websites, brochures, public relations, and firm directories.

Once you have selected the image or images you want we will digitally process the image(s) in our studio. We will them post the processed images on our web site at your personal web page for you to review for final approval. Once we receive your final approval we will deliver a CD or DVD with two versions of the final image. One version will be a high resolution (300 DPI) image cropped at a 5x7 format (1500x2100 ppi) that you may print or use in any manner you wish. The second versions will be at a reduced resolution (72 DPI) suitable for web posting. Our normal web cropping is a 5x7 format unless your webmaster requires a different crop to fit the cell on the web page. We will comply with his/her cropping directions. We can furnish professional archival prints at the rates shown below. The digital images will be furnished in both color and black and white versions.

Specifications and Pricing (Html), To download a complete specification and pricing sheet in Adobe Acrobat Click Here.  You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open this sheet.  For a sample contract please Click Here.  This is a dynamic fill-in contract that you can use to use to arrange for you Headshot session. Just follow the on-screen prompts. Thank You.  For a Basic Price Sheet Click Here (HTML) or Click Here for an Adobe PDF file.  To order additional Photographic Products or Prints Click Here (HTML) or Here for a PDF Version. 


We offer various backgrounds for our corporate headshots and portraits. While we have standard muslin backdrops we can also provide custom backgrounds for your portrait. By using a plain blue or green screen backdrop we can add your custom background through our Photoshop editing process. For a gallery of sample custom backgrounds Click Here. This is a sample of the hundreds of custom background we can create through this process.

To Download a Free version of Adobe Acrbat Reader Click Here.


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