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PowerPoint Presentations, Exhibit Boards, Slide Shows and Web Pages

Fred Henstridge has over 25 years experience in creating PowerPoint presentations, exhibit boards, and slide shows. We wish we could state that we have the same longevity in web site development, but as this is a relatively new technology, we can only claim two years experience. We created the web page you are currently viewing along with the rest of this web site. Our PowerPoint experience dates to the mid 1980’s when Microsoft first introduced Windows and their Office suite applications consisting of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Prior to then we had been using an application called Harvard Graphics to create 35mm graphic slides for inclusion into a traditional slide show presentation consisting of a mix of 35mm photo slides and graphic slides. These slide shows were presented using a Kodak Extagraphic slide projector. In most cases, we used dual projectors so we could smoothly transition one slide into the next. This required a great deal of work, time, and expense. Microsoft changed all of that with the introduction of PowerPoint and with the advent of the notebook PC and the potable LCD projector in the 1990’s the business of preparing presentations had changed. The technology has evolved, but the basics of technique, audience recognition, timing and treatment remains the same.

One of the benefits we can provide our clients in the creation of slide shows is our experience in filmmaking. We have extensive training and experience in communication, technical and magazine article writing, and film production. We produced both traditional and digital video films for commercial and private clients. We believe this experience will allow us to deliver a distinct benefit to our clients.

We can provide our clients the following:

  • DVD and Web based slide shows
  • Audio/Video slide shows
  • Flash videos for web pages
  • Web pages
  • Animated PowerPoint presentations
  • Hard mounted exhibit boards
  • Technical writing
  • Magazine articles (photography and writing)
  • Web based video

The image shown on the left represents the title slide for a PowerPoint presentation created by Fred Henstridge. The presentation was made at the 2001 International Symposium on GPS and the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) held on Jeju Island, South Korea. This is a good example of mixed text, graphics, artwork, and photography used in a PowerPoint presentation. Click on the images to see the entire presentation as a PDF file.

We can provide the photography, artwork, graphics, or video for your presentations, exhibits, and web sides. Please contact us for additional information or a price quotation.



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