Processing & Fine Art POSTERS


Photo Processing and Retouching

Most digital images require some additional processing. Today, with the increasing popularity of digital cameras, there are numerous low cost photo processing and managing applications on the market today. Some even come with the camera. While these applications do a reasonable job of making a poor image presentable they have limited functionality. To make a reasonable image really good and suitable for enlargement, display or inclusion in a photo book you need to use a more sophisticated processing applications that works with layers, masks and filters. We use Photoshop CS3 for all of our processing work.

Some of the processing and retouching steps we can provide are: Correction of white balance, crop and straighten, lens corrections, removal of sensor dust spots, skin softening, removal of blemishes and wrinkles, removal of red eye, sharpening and noise removal. Our processing work is charged on an hourly basis at $70.00 per hour. Images may be returned as JPG, TIFF or PSD files on a CD or DVD disc. Please contact us for a quote for your project. Files should be sent to us on a CD or DVD disc.  Pease contact us for additional information and prices. We normally charge on an hourly basis based on the amount of files provided to us.

The two photos to the right demonstrate what simple photo processing can do. Click on either image to see the details.

Click Here for another example of photo processing
Fine Art Posters

Digital photos make great fine art posters. You can proudly show off your work on your home or office wall with these framed art posters. There are many other photo products you can create from your digital photos such as photo books greeting cards, postcards, jigsaw puzzles, statuettes and canvas wraps. Fred Henstridge Photography can assist you in creating any of these products. We will process you images per your request and then upload them to a printing service where they will create the product and deliver it directly to you home or office. We can also provide a basic frame for the art. We have access to custom frame makers that do a great job at a very reasonable price, much less, than you would pay at a retail frame store. We can also create a gallery of your images and you can place the order yourself. For posters greater than 18” x 24” we recommend that you shoot images greater than 8 megapixels. We can enlarge your images to double that size using Adobe CS3 and Genuine Fractals 5 with great results. Feel free to contact us for additional information.  Check our Price List for Fine Art Posters.


The above represent examples of Fine Art Posters


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