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Project Photography Makes Great Office Wall Art

Project photography is of critical importance to firms or contractors, who want to display their works to their clients, their employees, and the public. It is also an important element of any marketing or advertising program. The photo on the right shows the construction of a major gas transmission line through the Mojave Desert in California, The photo was taken for a major civil engineering and land surveying firm that provided the aerial mapping, right of way engineering, construction layout and quality control surveying for the project. This firm wanted to show their staff and potential clients that they were experienced and capable of carrying out such complex and large scale projects. Click the image at right for a larger view.


Architects, Engineers, Contractors, and Construction Companies are the main users of Project Photography. These firms use this photography for:

  • Office Art
  • Web Sites
  • Project Fact Sheets
  • Catalogs and Portfolios
  • Brochures
  • Power Point Presentations
  • Proposals
  • Newsletters and Mailings
  • Marketing Materials
  • Press Releases
  • Trade and Professional Publications

Fred Henstridge Photography has been supplying project photography for over 20 years as an in house photographer for a civil engineering firm and as a private photographer. We believe we have an understanding of what clients want ad need for their project photographic needs. Every project has its special and unique points of interest. We view projects as live entities that have special focal points that are of interest and importance to the client and the viewer. Construction clients may want to show the vastness of their projects while landscape architects mat want to focus on the details of the project such a special treated or stamped concrete. Architects are looking for the beauty and personality of the structure or building. Engineering clients may want to emphasize the special and unique design features. Prior to taking on any project photographic assignment we will meet with the clients to determine what the important focal points of the project are.

We consider project photography to fall into two major categories, static and BPSI. Static photography shows the project without people. In static project photography the buildings, structures, or details are the focal points. Aerial photographs are great examples of what we consider static photography. While they can show the vastness of a project, they really do not draw the viewer into the image. If you look at a book of paintings by the masters or visit an art museum you will not see too many static or still life paintings.

BPSI stands for Background, People, Subject, and Involvement. These are the more challenging and interesting project photographic assignments. A BPSI photo should show some identifiable portion of the project in the background, contain people, have a subject or focal point such as pouring the foundation and the involvement of the people in the project. These photographs are the most interesting to the viewer and are desirable for corporate scrapbooks, slide shows, publications, and office art. People like to see pictures of people.

We can furnish both types of photography based on the needs and wishes of our clients. Please feel free to contact us for additional information or a quote for your project photographic needs.

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