Scanning & Restorations
Scanning and Restorations of Prints , 35mm Slides and Negatives

Fred Henstridge Photography offers scanning of 35mm slides, 35mm negatives and prints up to letter size. For slide and negative scanning, we use a Nikon Super Cool Scan 5000ED precision scanner. During the scanning process we can enhance and restore color, color balance, sharpen, remove dust and blemishes, and color correct for white balance. We recommend scanning at resolutions of 200 to 300 dpi. All scanned images are returned on a CD or DVD disc. The images on this page were obtained from scanning 35mm slides and negatives that are at least 20 years old.

We can deliver digital images in JPG, TIFF, DGN (Adobe Digital Negative), PSD (Adobe Photoshop layered file), GIF, PNG, ESP, and Adobe PDF. Depending upon the quality of the original document, we can make prints up 13x19 in house. For larger prints up to 40x50 inches, we use an outside service bureau. These prints can be mounted on poster board or foam core, depending on the needs of the client. Please allow at least 10 days from delivery from the time the order is placed. If the client has an account with a reputable reproduction company, we can send the digital file to them and they can supply the prints. We will only charge for the preparation of the files and the shipping of the CD or DVD. If the reproduction company has a FTP site, we will only charge for the preparation of the files and the time to upload them to the FTP site.

For scanning, we have a sliding flat rate scale rate based on the number and type of the items, i.e. 35mm slide, 35mm negative or prints. There are extra charges for slide and negative cleaning and image processing during the scanning. Please contact us for a quote based on your needs.

We can prepare a web page with gallery continuing your images and related information or a slide show on a CD or DVD. Music can be added per the clients request. We can post this to your domain or deliver all of the files ready for posting on a CD or DVD. 


Examples of Scanning of Slides, Negatives and Prints
Scanned from a 25 year old negative, Kodak ISO 400 film stock Scanned from a 14 year old negative, Kodak Gold, ISO 400 film stock Scanned from a 28 year old negative. Fuji color ISO 100 film stock
Scanned from a 14 year old 35mm slide. Fujichrome ISO 100 film stock Scanned from a 24 year old 35mm slide. Kodachrome ISO 64 film stock Scanned from a 60 year old black and white 2x3 inch print. This image was processed.  Click Here to see before and after.

Well exposed and cared for 35mm slides or negatives can be turned into great looking prints or slide shows through our custom scanning service. Our scanning process can restore faded colors and remove dust and scratches. Our custom processing service (see our Processing Page) will enhance your image, remove red eye, crop to size, and correct the color balance of you image.

To provide you with a sample of this service we are willing to scan 1-3 of your 35mm slides or negatives. Please contact us for more information regarding this custom service and pricing at


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