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Scanning: We offer quality scanning of 35mm slides, 35mm negatives, and prints at various resolutions. The image shown on the right was scanned from a 25-year-old 35mm slide of the Roman Aqueduct in Segovia, Spain. Click image on right for more information. Larger Image

Forensic Photography is a means to document projects and events that may need analysis or be subject to legal action. Images must be of a high resolution and above all sharp. They must also contain a full EXIF metadata embedded within the image file. Click image at right for more information. Larger Image

Processing: Most digital images require some additional processing. We offer a large selection of processing options for JPG, TFF, DNG and Camera RAW files. We can process your digital files to remove “red-eye”, correct color balance, retouch facial and skin features, crop and sharpen for printing.  The image shown on the right requires some additional image processing. Larger Image

Convention Photography: There are many elements to participating in a trade show, convention or meeting. Booth exhibits, hotel costs, airfare, employee expenses, promotional materials are all critical elements to success. Photography is often overlooked. Click image on right for more information. Larger Image

Fine Art Posters created from digital images make great home or office displays. We can create color or black and white enlargements or posters from your digital images. Click image at right for more information. Larger Image

Court Exhibits: Like forensic photography, court and legal exhibits require high resolution, detail, sharpness, and embedded EXIF metadata. We can prepare images for inclusion in Power Point presentations and enlargement for mounting on poster boards. Click image on right for more information. Larger Image

Commercial Photography: Do you need photos of your property, building, office interior or corporate “Head Shots”? We can provide photography for your corporate advertising, brochures, press releases, Corporate Headshots or web sites. Click image at right for more information.  Larger Image

Presentations: We have been preparing hard copy and computer generated presentations for over 30 years. This is where knowledge and skills in photography, Power Point, presentation style, audience profile and focus come together for the greatest impact. Click image on right for more information. Larger Image

Project Photography is of critical importance to firms or contractors, who want to display their works to their clients, their employees, and the public. It is also an important element of any marketing or advertising program. Click image at right for more information. Larger Image

Assignment Photography: Fred Henstridge Photography offers professional photographic services on an assignment basis. We use state-of-the art Nikon digital cameras, lenses and accessories to obtain the highest quality images to fit your needs and specifications. Click image on right for more information. Larger Image

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VIideo Productions: Did you ever wish you could do something with all of those photos, digital images and video clips that you have accumulated over the years? How many times have you thought that it would be great if you had a DVD video or slide show of those special occasions? Images of some of the most memorable moments of your life end up in a shoebox or hidden away in the corner of a closet, or worse yet they are lost. Moments such as your child’s first birthday, First Communion, Bar or Bat Mitzvah, Graduations, Anniversary parties or any of those special family occasions. There is a way for you to retain these memories and share them with family members across the country or even the world.

Fred Henstridge Photography offers a complete range of video and video slide show productions. We can create video shows from you photos, digital images or video clips. These videos can be delivered in several formats. We can create DVDs for viewing on your TV set, video slide shows on CDs that can be on you computer and digital movies files such as Windows Media Player, Apple Quick Time or Real Player that can be posted on YouTube. We can even create digital video files that we will host on our Web Site. This will allow you to e-mail the URL to family of friends anywhere in the world and they can share in the special occasion.  Click image at left for more information.    More Details


Fred Henstridge Photography offers a full range of Portrait Photograph. We specialize in Family Portraits, Corporate Headshots and Pet Portraits. Portraits and Headshots can be taken at our studio or at a location of your choosing. As we have a full wireless mobile lighting system completes with portable backdrops we can provide our portrait services at your home, office, Local Park, the beach or other settings. We classify these portrait sessions as formal and environmental. A formal setting includes a backdrop, while an environmental setting entails setting up the shooting session where the environment provides the background for the subject.

For our portrait sessions we use either studio flash or mobile wireless flash. All lighting is controlled and diffused with soft boxes, umbrellas or diffusing panels. When used in an environmental setting these lighting techniques can create a very pleasing and dramatic portrait. We also use plain blue or green backdrops which allow us to create a custom background in Photoshop. Please click on the following links to enter galleries of our Corporate Headshots, Family Portraits, and Pet Portraits,

Click on the following liks for a sample of our Custom Backgrounds and Corporate Headshot Pricing.  For a PDF File Click Here.   For a Sample Headshot Fill-In Contract in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format Click Here.   For a Standard Portrait Contrcat Click Here

If you already have had your Portrait Session from Fred Henstridge Photography and wish to order additional prints or photographic items Click Here. This Order Form may also be used for other photgraphic products using your own high resolution digital images, 35mm slides, 35mm negatives of prints. We will do the scanning.

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Have you ever tried to take a really good portrait-like photo of your favorite pet only to discover that they really can be difficult to properly photograph. They won’t sit or stand the way you want them to. If you use an on-camera flash you end up with a picture showing red, green or yellow eyes. There is probably a look or expression your pet has that makes you smile. It might be a slight tilt of the head they exhibit when you say certain words, it might be a soulful look that melts your heart or it might even be a display of attitude that makes you chuckle. Capturing this “spark of personality or spirit” is key to a creating a great pet portrait. The elements of artistry and mood are equally important. By that I mean using light and other elements such as backgrounds, colors, perspective, etc., to create a unique and beautiful portrait. This is what separates a cute snapshot from a true portrait.

 “Department or Big Box store studios” that charge $20 and give the client a multitude of prints are not really the best way to capture the personality of your beloved pet. They produce the “typical” pet portraits you see all the time … dogs and cats sitting in wagons or baskets looking cute. They may be adequately lighted and in focus, but in my opinion they are formulaic. They lack style, creativity and imagination. Why would someone want to pay more money to do the same thing? The answer is because Fred Henstridge Photography DOESN’T DO THE SAME THING. Our work speaks for itself. It is beautiful, compelling and has a unique style. Your dog, cat, or other pet must set apart from the mainstream! All of our pet portraits are processed and cropped to your choice. Our usually procedure for providing you with these quality pet portraits is to post the proofs from the pet photo session on a private Web gallery where you can review each image and make your selections in the privacy of your home where you can share the experience with your loved ones.

We specialize in “In-Home” portraits of your pets. We bring the necessary lighting and backdrops to take those classic pet portraits, either indoors or in an environment of your choice such as the park or beach. We can provide prints of any size and we have several print packages to choose from. We can also provide you numerous photographic products of your pet including statuettes, coffee mugs, playing cards, business cards, post cards, greeting and Christmas cards, calendars, gallery wraps and photo books. We can also provide you with custom framing and brass or bronze name plates. One of the unique items we can provide you is a picture puzzle of your pet. Puzzles are popular with both kids and adults. Puzzles make great gifts, or can be framed and hung on the wall.

Click on the appropriate item for a Pet Photography Contrct, Price List or Order Form.   You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader for these forms. If you prefer HTML files please click on the following links for: Pricing, and Order Form.

To take advantage of our Special Pet Portrait Offer Click Here.  This offer ends June 30, 2009. To download a PDF File of our Pet Portrait Flyer please Click Here.

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Click on Image for a Lager View Click Here to View a Gallery of Pet Portraits.

Please contact us for more information or to arrange a photo session for your favorite pet. You can contact us at fhenstridge@henstridgepotography.com
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Are you having a wedding or an upcoming special event such as a 50th wedding anniversary, special party or reception, a first communion or Bar Mitzvah? If you are, we can provide you with quality photography at a very reasonable cost.

For our wedding and special event services we offer a very low cost basic service. We normally will come to your wedding or special event, such as a special anniversary party or holiday event, and shoot many high resolution digital images. We will shoot both candid and posed photos and then process all of the useable images and transfer them to a CD or DVD. We will deliver the images to you and you can use them as you wish or contact us to have high quality prints or photo albums made of the images you select. We will also post all of the images to your own private gallery on our Web site for 60 days where you can share the images with family and friends or send us the file numbers of the images you wish printed and the size of the prints based on our standard price list.

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Event photography consists of providing our photographic services for events ranging from birthday parties and graduations to corporate banquets and awards ceremonies. We can provide quality photos for:

  • Adult and Children’s Birthday Parties
  • Graduations, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs and First Communion Celebrations
  • Anniversary Parties
  • Sweet Sixteen and Quinceañera Parties
  • Corporate Banquets and awards dinners
  • Conventions and Exhibitor Displays
  • Family Gatherings and Christening
  • Engagement Parties and Engagement Photos

We will come to your event at your requested place and time and provide photographic services on an hourly basis. We are equipped with mobile lights so we can provide formal portraits at the event. One the on-site photographs have been acquired we will post them to your personal, password protected, on-line gallery where you van review the proofs and order prints as desired. This gallery can be shared with friends and family as you so desire. You will also receive a CD or DVD of all the digital images acquired at the event for your archives and your personal use. We can also supply you with a wide selection of albums and other photographic products such as mugs, T-shirts, posters and post cards. To make an appointment or obtain additional information please contact us at Fred Henstridge Photography and we will pleased to assist you.

Keynote Spaeker at a corporate awards event.  Click on the image for a larger view. Click Here to view a gallery of sample event photos. Baby's first birthday party.  Click on the image for a larger view. Click Here to view a gallery of sample event photos.